My Experience of EVE Echoes

Back in 2012, when I first came into contact, I was immersed in the huge pit of Eve Online. A colleague introduced it to me. Since there was nothing to do in my free time, I decided to try this game.

Back in 2012, when I first came into contact, I was immersed in the huge pit of Eve Online. A colleague introduced it to me. Since there was nothing to do in my free time, I decided to try this game. Under normal circumstances, due to the reputation of the game "Space Spreadsheet", I might dislike it even more, but I have no choice. When I started to study hard, I found myself completely fascinated by CCP Games sandbox-MMO, even though I was not good at it. Soon after returning home, I parted ways with this game and started my favorite game, but this experience stayed with me for the next few years.

Fast forward to 2020, and we now have a mobile version of EVE Online, called EVE ECHOES, which is scheduled to be released in August. CCP Games cooperated with Chinese developer NetEase Games ("Diablo") to develop this game. Like everyone else, I am a little worried. I don't need to lament the stupidity of mobile games here: Except for transplants like "Stardew Valley", most mobile phone "adaptations" are hollow shells of mainframe/PC games, filled with microtransactions that stimulate consumption. These shortcomings are largely the reason why I chose "Stellaris": "Galaxy Command" replaced "Star Wars" with an empty imitation of "Clash of Clans". Grand strategy.

Naturally, I worry that "EVE Echoes" will be the same: a mobile version of "EVE" with more microtransactions than stars in its galaxy. After taking part in the tests earlier this year and the most recent, I can confidently say that this is not the case, or even close. "EVE Mobile Game" is a new and complete experience of "EVE Mobile Game", but clever changes make it less dull. By the way, in order to better match our website, all the screenshots in this article are rendered to 1280x720p, so what you see here is not compressed in the game.

EVE Echoes has the same huge star clusters and planets as Duanyou, but the two are completely separate. This means that the players of EVE Echoes will start again without the involvement of any established companies. Everyone has a basic frigate, rarely learns skills, and there is no ISK (in-game currency) in the name. Due to the deep-rooted community, "EVE Game" may discourage new players, so a fresh start is not a bad thing. Of course, as time goes by, mobile games will have their own collection of big companies, they dominate everything, but knowing that we all start from square-one, then jumping in will not be so scary.

Although "EVE Echoes" retains a lot of end-game genes, its development process has been shaken. Skills are still learned over time, with increasing levels swelling from hours to days, but some fat has been cut in the process. There are no attributes that affect the time required to learn skills, and skill extractors/injectors are not found. There is not even a skill book, because now the entire system is managed by the technical level.

As you learn skills, you will improve your technological level, including ships, weapons and other items. All skills can be used, and any skills other than the starting skills must be unlocked through ISK purchase (the higher the skill, the higher the cost of unlocking). Even basic, advanced, and professional skills follow a strict hierarchy, requiring you to unlock the previous layer before upgrading (there is another limitation, which I will introduce later). If you don't have any queues and are offline, skill points can even be deposited in the bank, which means players who cannot log in every day can "buy" skills in bulk as needed.

Of course, skills still determine your overall abilities, and the number of these skills means that players want to specialize as soon as possible (for reference, each skill in "EVE Mobile" requires you to spend 20 years to complete ). Technical level control is very effective here. It establishes a clear process path for every event in the game-from combat encounters to mining, etc.-and clearly lists the relevant technical levels. Even short missions-encounters-have obvious technical levels to better tell the player which tasks should be handled and which should not be handled.

Compared with "EVE Mobile Games", the technical level system does not completely change the way you treat "EVE Mobile Games", but it makes the process more opaque. Before entering the void, I knew at a glance whether I had the correct skill level, ships, and equipment. EVE is a ruthless world, and this transparency helps new players experience a more rewarding and less frustrating effort.

Thanks to the translation of the mobile phone, even the UI has been appropriately improved. It’s no secret that the user interface of "EVE Game" is messed up: the iterations over the years are like layers. Since this is a brand new game, and it is also a mobile game, the useless information accumulated over the years has been refined into a more pleasant and easier to parse UI, and some new features have been added to manage your game It becomes easier.

For example, there is now a "quick lock" option for a target, with an icon next to your ship's health and energy in the center of the screen, as well as in the larger target menu. Your ship can even fire at the next target without a command, although you can click on any target in the upper right corner for more fine-grained control. The overview menu can filter enemies, anomalies, loot, planets, and more, providing players with precise information rather than a large number of icons. Even the basic looting range has increased, and the speed of the ship’s movement has also increased, so the experience of flying through the void in "EVE Mobile Games" is much faster than in "EVE Mobile Games".

These do not include the spacecraft added in the process (although they are an upgraded version of the existing spacecraft), the introduction of some new spacecraft, streamlined planetary production (passive harvest in "EVE Mobile Games"), and so on. In the process of putting EVE on the mobile phone, both NetEase and CCP were able to zoom in on the basic experience just like on the Internet to better identify the details that need to be adjusted. In this way, the games they create are not only faithful to the original material, but also better in some ways.

But what about monetization? Of course, this is where everything fell apart, right? Fortunately not, because "EVE Echoes" and "EVE Online" are basically the same. Players will be able to buy and trade ISK's real currency PLEX, and then can use it to buy something. The first is the Omega clone subscription, which can increase the time to acquire skill points (ie reduce the time to learn skills), and there are some features that can prevent RMT scum from destroying EVE's notoriously complex economy.

You can't sell items in the market as an example of free alpha clones, but you can easily farm enough ISK in-game purchases for the required clumps. The only sticking point may be advanced control/expert skills and ω clones behind ships of 8 layers or more, but these take so long to arrive, and most players will be able to purchase the clump ω clones without problems when they reach these points. Even so, for a basic Omega clone subscription of $5 per month, if you choose to pay in cash, this is not a terrible price point.

In addition, there will be skin grabs, all can be purchased with PLEX. Due to the existence of the PLEX system, players who are unwilling to spend money on the game can easily avoid doing so, and anything that may disrupt the economy (such as direct sales of ships) will be excluded from the game (at least for now; NetEase stated that if users strongly request it, they will modify it. If this happens, we can only blame ourselves.) The basic game is still free, and you won't be bombarded by prompts to purchase outside of the Omega clone restrictions. All in all, EVE Echoes is completely free of any nonsense of mobile games, but you just need more EVE Echoes ISK in-game to get more equipment, i personally recommend for it's quick delivery.


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