Request refund

1 » Terms Of Condition

Our refund request section is divided into two sections. If you have already buy any of our pro memberships and then you wanna change your mind to have the money back within 24 hours then you can simply request a refund. We will give the money back via PayPal within 2-3 business days. Please keep in mind in some cases it may take longer than usual.

And if you have already fulfilled the threshold of your Affiliate Earnings or Points and want to have that money then request a withdrawal from your profile Settings >> Payment or Click Here directly. Please keep in mind, at the moment we only accept PayPal and Bank Transfers. Other possible ways of the transfer we may try as per your location but there are no guarantees.

2 » Affiliate Earnings Policy

We strongly encourage our users to engage themselves in our affiliate programs. But any kind of invalid activities, such as fake users creation and incomplete profiles and doing any other kind of spamming can cause your account termination and may no longer be able to join in our platform. Our system is always monitoring your affiliate activities.

Any fake user will not be allowed for your affiliate income. Primarily you may see your income in the Payment or Current Balance section but when you request a withdrawal then our internal team will assess your income and will reject it if you made any fake users. So please don't make any fake users or any fake activities. It is totally against of our Terms and Conditions.