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Four common causes of plastic tray deformation

As we all know, plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit which is used with forklift, shelf and other logistics equipment. It is mainly used to store, load and carry goods. It is one of the indispensable logistics equipment in modern logistics storage. When we use plastic pallets, we occasionally find that plastic pallets are deformed. What are the causes?

1. The placement of the goods exceeds the layer load of the plastic pallet, that is, when the plastic pallet is purchased, the manufacturer will select the corresponding materials according to the layer load of the goods. If the weight of the goods on the plastic pallet exceeds the weight of the material selected at that time in the actual use process, the plastic pallet will be deformed.
2. Uneven distribution of stress points will cause deformation of plastic pallet; if the weight of goods is concentrated on the edge of plastic pallet when placing goods, and there is no layer load in the middle, it will certainly cause deformation of plastic pallet.
3. Incorrect handling operation. Sometimes, when using the plastic pallet to handle the goods, the problem caused by the forklift to the driver will lead to the forklift arm hitting the plastic pallet, which will lead to the pallet deformation.
4. Due to the improper selection of materials, when customers purchase plastic pallets, they will inevitably encounter some bad pallet manufacturers who cut corners and make up for the wrong number, so that the plastic pallets are soft and fragile and deformed.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets