How to Send a Garment with Proper Packing to another Place?

How to Send a Garment with Proper Packing to another Place?

The sale of clothes on the internet is booming and this is confirmed when we know that almost half of Internet users have already purchased online a ready-to-wear item. Clothing stores are no longer limited to new, since you can now buy second-hand clothes. With the arrival of sites like Vinted, the clothing market is on the rise and more and more people want to ship clothes but do not always know how to do it. What packaging should I use? How much will it cost? How to make it not too expensive? Can we send a piece of clothing by La Poste? So many questions to which we answer you ...


What packaging to use to send clothes? In what to send clothes?
The opaque plastic pouch
The letter Followed
The bubble envelope
The postbox
How much does it cost to ship a garment?
What packaging to use to send clothes? In what to send clothes?

Several solutions exist to ship a package of clothing. Here is a presentation of the different packaging compatible with this type of shipment.

VAD clutch for sending clothes

- The opaque plastic pouch
The most widespread, is the one used by large retail stores such as La Redoute or 3 Swiss, it is the opaque plastic pouch . This VAD clutch is the ultimate garment packaging because it is light and resistant at the same time. Known as tear-proof and waterproof, it protects clothing from rain and dust. Thanks to its light weight, you save on shipping costs . Several formats are available, which allows you to send both t-shirts, pants or coats. With a single VAD clutch, you can ship multiple items at a time.

Advantages: light, flexible and resistant, suitable for all types of clothing (several sizes available)
- The Followed Letter
The Followed Letter (formerly Letter Max) corresponds to an envelope or small box less than 3 cm thick. It is the intermediary between a conventional mailing at the letter rate and colissimo  ( see below a comparative price table ).

Thanks to its small thickness, you are sure that your clothing will be well stuck in the box. It is better to put only one garment inside (unless your T-shirts are rather thin). All the clothes can not fit in this packaging for Letter Followed, here is a list (not exhaustive) compatible clothes: t-shirt, shirt, skirt, dress, scarf, scarf, underwear ... And clothes for baby!

Advantages: rigid and resistant to knocks and shocks

- The bubble envelope
We no longer present the bubble envelope which has become an essential shipping package since the rise of e-commerce! Although primarily used for shipments of fragile items (which are protected by its air bubbles), the bubble envelope can also be used for shipping clothes. Its low weight will allow you to save on shipping costs . There are many sizes of bubble wrap, we advise you to choose the largest size to have enough space to easily place your suit inside.

Advantages: light, flexible and strong

- The postbox
shipping box with adhesive tape for the return

The postal box, also called "  shipping box  ", is a solution to ship several clothes at the same time. Thanks to its large size, it can also be used to send pairs of shoes (by adding kraft paper to stall and protect during transport).

There are several types of mail boxes:

classic boxes that are unusable once opened
the boxes with a second adhesive closure allowing the return of the garment to the sender (ideal for e-traders)
shipping cases that hold the contents in place with inner tabs (they are usually reserved for books)
Advantages: rigid and robust, allows the sending of several clothes at the same time

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