Puppy Preschool Zetland – What to Expect?

Puppy Playground Puppy School in Zetland runs for 1 h per week for 4 weeks, on a Monday evening at 6.30-7.30pm.
Cost is $195 per puppy including a puppy training gift bag.

What to Expect from Our Puppy Preschool Zetland?

Puppy preschool is highly recommended for all puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. The goal of our puppy preschool Zetland classes is to help your dog grow into a balanced and well adjusted member of your family.

The small, controlled groups at puppy preschool provide a great opportunity to socialize your puppy in a safe way. Out puppy classes are fun and interactive.

As your puppy is in a critical stage of development, it is important to provide new positive experiences in a safe environment.

Learning to recognize your puppy’s body language will help to ensure positive experiences.

Socialisation doesn’t mean dog play. It also means exposure to anything new; such as events, sounds, voices, objects, surfaces, places etc. Meeting other puppies and their owners also teaches good manners and acceptable behaviours. We will explain how your puppy learns and reacts to the world around them.

Using positive reinforcement, our puppy classes will show you how to quickly master basic obedience commands.

The use of treats, toys and praise make training fun and rewarding for your puppy.

Toilet training is also covered and with tips provided by your trainer you will be able to minimize accidents and react appropriately if your puppy does toilet inside the house.

For more info please visit at - https://www.puppyplaygroundsydney.com.au/puppy-preschool-zetland-what-to-expect/

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