Which do You Like Among These Fashionable Container School

Which do You Like Among These Fashionable Container School

The German School in Madrid

The new building in northern Madrid replaces its predecessor building in the city centre. With its special educational program and evening theatre performances and concerts, the German School Madrid is an important site for cultural exchange.

In this large complex, the school’s diverse areas of use are legible as clearly defined units. The individual buildings – the kindergarten, the primary school and the secondary school – each frame with an inner courtyard. All patios open up to the surrounding landscape and a vista of the snow-covered mountains. All children meet in the foyer courtyards before dispersing in their individual school buildings. Here the sculptural strength of the polygonal skylights creates a captivating play of light, providing the pupils with valuable shade.

The model shows each building has its own courtyard.

Fore yard at the entrance with shades created by the skylights.

Reflecting both the requirements of the architectural brief and the topography of the site, the buildings develop differentiated spatial situations, yet all components unite into an organic ensemble with strong sculptural presence. The common areas – the “foyer courtyards”, the cafeteria, a concert hall/ auditorium with 750 seats and the sports hall – connect the individual school buildings.

The Trivaux-Gaienne School in France

The campus site is comprised of two main units: the sports complex, under a vast and unique metal envelope; and the school complex, protected by a landscaped plaza, and which is composed of four schools and their shared areas – lunchroom, recreation areas, a cultural center, and a multi-purpose hall with a separate entrance.

Main bearings on this large site consist of volumes cut through this vast ensemble, emerging from the large green cover, creating occasional double height areas, areas of respiration, and openings toward the sky while also signaling the particular elements of the program located on the first floor. The site as a whole expresses the qualities of a program that organizes shared spaces and shared uses.

The soft and supple outline of the campus creates a new and calm landscape open to its environment.

Interior view of schools.

Double height areas with bright sunlight

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