How To Use Corn Thresher

If there is any problem during the use of hongxiangseeder Corn Thresher customers

If there is any problem during the use of hongxiangseeder Corn Thresher customers, please compare the five reference points to see if they are the same:
One taboo: do not check before use.
Before autumn grain harvest, it is necessary to carefully observe the corn thresher for repair, and observe whether the bolts are loose, whether the screws are notched, and whether there are any problems with the transmission components.
Find unsafe factors to rule out and do not drive with "illness".
Two taboos: overload operation.
No matter whether it is a motor or a diesel engine, it is not safe to work without overload.
Three taboos: the safety equipment is not perfect.
Threshers and their power safety equipment must be perfected.
Each chain must be provided with a safety protection cover. Motors that must prevent human limbs from being injured by mistake must be provided with grounding wires. If leakage occurs, it will lead to the earth. Regeneration covers should be installed on the exhaust pipes of diesel engines that can ensure personal safety to prevent sparks from spraying onto straw to cause fire.
Four taboos: uneven distribution of corn.
Please evenly load the corn loaded by the corn thresher.
Five taboos: continuous homework is too long.
When grain is harvested and threshed in autumn, it is often necessary to struggle day and night in order to win sunny days and speed.
However, the duration of continuous operation should not be too long. normal operation should rest after 5~6 hours, and the thresher and power equipment should be observed safely.

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