How To Get The Best Woven Interlining

The woven interlining found today in craft shops is fusible and iron is applied to the wrong side of the fabric.


The Woven Interlining is used to increase the stiffness of the fabric. The woven interlining found today in craft shops is fusible and iron is applied to the wrong side of the fabric. There are also fusible joints that need to be stitched and works best for fabric that is not heat-resistant or has been loosely woven (the infiltration of clothes from the fusible woven interlining into the right side of the garment).

On apparel, patterns often require areas that require extra bodies, such as shirt collars or the power of buttons. If you are sewing knitted fabrics, you can use the interface to prevent the fabric from distorting. This mode will usually tell you what type of interface to buy and how much. You also frequently use woven interlining when sewing home decorating; usually you will want to use the decorating bond interface for these items.

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a woven interlining. The first is if you need to knit, non-woven or knit interface. Non-woven interlining particles, suitable for most interface requirements. The woven interlining does have a texture, just like a fabric, and the interface should be cut in the same way as the fabric (on skew, on the longitudinal texture, etc.). A little stretch knit interface, suitable for knit fabric interface. The next factor is the weight of the woven interlining. The interface has three weights: light weight, medium weight and heavyweight. The weight of the interface should be equal to or slightly heavier than the fabric.

Put a damp cloth on the top of the interface (usually with an old towel). Press the iron for 15 seconds (lightweight fabric 10 times). If you need to move the iron to apply heat to another part of the fabric, lift the iron and let it down, without sliding it. If you slide the iron, you risk the risk of moving the fabric layer and the interface, and eventually your ironing board cover may get cluttered.

If you skip the fabric, it will eventually stick to your plate. This is not an interesting situation, so double check that your cloth is covered with a piece of fabric and an interface.

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