3 ways you can harm your wig by drying it the wrong way

The people who wear the artificial hair need to take the best care of them if they really want to enjoy the best look. However, many people refuse to invest the time and care needed to offer the best maintenance to their wigs. This is an expensive mistake made by the people. With a little

Just like your real hair the wigs also need you to invest a great care to continue enjoying the handsome looks. However many people find it difficult to treat wig just like they treated their real hair. Unknowingly they start harming their wigs on a regular basis. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you engage in various regular schedules associated with wigs:

Don’t twist or turn to dry the wig

While the twisting or wringing the hair systems is consider by many to be the quick way to dry up the wig after washing, it can actually harm your wig and eventually can also deform it by distorting its actual shape.

Actually due to the material used for the wigs the wigs can easily acquire any shape that is forced on it when it is moist. That is why it is very important not to twist or turn the wig or uses any other brisk action especially when it is still wet.

Never use a Hair Dryer

Many people try to dry the hair systems with the help of a hair dryer just as they did with their real hair. This is another harmful method that can hurt you wig or even change the way it looks, making it completely unsuitable for wearing. The immediate or short term effects include distorted shape and entangled tresses.

However, if you continue the practice for the weeks together it can even result in breakable tresses of the hair systems. You would certainly not like to experience the stage when each time you comb your wig or even run your fingers through it the hair start breaking.

Don’t keep it under the Sharp Sun

Another wrong method of drying used by the people is to keep their wigs under the sharp sun so that they can easily be dried. No doubt, it does offer a quick way to dry up the hair systems but at the same time this methods is also an excellent way to part with your wigs sooner.

It is because the hair systems are made of the material that can get hurt when it is exposed to the sun rays. The UV rays of sun are not only harmful for your real hair but their extreme heat can hurt your wig as well.


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