If only the majority of the community agreed on that with you

If only the majority of the community agreed on that with you

Do they possess a group that is larger and access to OSRS gold improved technology and the capability to cover devs and programmers they did back in 2008 but they create revenue and profit. They have a parternship that is wasted with a Chinese tech company to better understand from Eastern MMOS. I am aware that Korean and Chinese MMOS are scummy and PaytoWin because I've played, but they look and play than RS3. Inept management that don't know what to do if it comes to making an enjoyable game since they don't possess the enthusiasm and leadership that the first Gower brothers needed just leads jagex.

Investing a bit more income into a correct complete visual update of the entire game (and many areas are already gorgeous and finished ) would significantly increase Runescape player retention. Or play it, if they improved the new-Runescape player encounter farther. And that is exactly what their focus ought to be. Not on articles to the ultra elite, of which there is already so much material it's borderline. To perform everything in Runescape game may take thousands of hours. We're talking level of grinding insanity.

That's enough for now.Jagex please focus on revamping abilities, polishing zones, removing or renovate dead content, etc.. Instead of dismissing the sepsis rust that is poisoning the host, Create the entire game as pristine as most of its mechanics, systems and areas already are. An example of the done the mining right and smithing rework. Top-notch.

If only the majority of the community agreed on that with you. A good deal of folks are stuck in their bubbles they don't recognize that Jagex's focus entirely should not be on the ultra elite. From time to time, I provide the community a great deal of blame for expecting a lot of fresh high level content constantly and complaining about limitation weeks where it does not seem like much is changing, but the simple fact is a good deal of aspects of Runescape game are seriously in need of polishing and RuneScape wants new Runescape players over it needs to keep completionists active.

In case Pollnivneach was a town in Kandarin filled with people called"Joe" it never would have been transformed

As a child, the town was my initial exposure to some location. It was constantly presented as a Pollnivneach item and I never consider it associated with the life reductionist link. The way it was done redefined probably and the trope because the backstory creates a explanation for why a civilization might do that, how I consider cultures. It had been anything but a execution despite its obvious influence. It is not a huge deal but I simply think that their reasoning is the easiest and fastest way to make money on runescape shallow and their implementation was inept.

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