Matters Needing Attention in Designing Light Steel Villa

Matters Needing Attention in Designing Light Steel Villa

light gauge steel villa design considerations:

1. The structural components are designed and manufactured separately in the factory, with high commercialization and easy formation of standards, which plays an important role in its popularization.

2. The construction speed is 7-8 times higher than that of ordinary buildings. It basically does not involve the problem of water consumption. It is dry construction.

3. The main body is a steel keel, which can be reused and is consistent with the current policy main body of energy conservation and environmental protection.

4. The overall weight is light, and the key parts are high-strength connections, so the overall collapse will not occur even during an earthquake, with good seismic performance.

5. The construction cost is lower than that of traditional concrete buildings, and low cost is its great advantage.

6. Environmental hazards caused by the burning of brick kilns in traditional buildings can be avoided.

7. The wall of Longyan Light Steel Villa is thinner than that of traditional buildings, so its effective use area will be higher, but this will not affect its firmness at all.

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