Work Processing of Blow Molding Machine

Although most of the Bottle Blowing Machine are full-automatic or semi-automatic that used few human labor


Although most of the Bottle Blowing Machine are full-automatic or semi-automatic that used few human labor, we need to give machine instructions that make it working. So we have to know about how to operate blow molding machine that is blow molding machine operations and the matters needing attention during the operation process. This blog following will carding practical tips that clear and orderliness.

Preparation before machine start

Check the hydraulic oil level of blow molding machine and each hydraulic device to keep the oil quantity of tank above the base oil level.

Materials that used for blow molding machine operationsshould meet the requirement of drying, and it needs to make a further drying when necessary.

Check the material color whether meetsrequirement of product.

Choose suitable die head according to the type and size of product. Install die head in the following order: die head flange, mold, porous plate and filter.

Connect the compressed air pipe. Install core mold electric heating rod and die head heating ring. Check and open hydraulic system. Adjust the clearance of the die evenly. Check the alignment of the center line between the main machine and auxiliary machine.

Set up mold adjustment parameter. And set up mold opening, mold closing and other various parameter according to mold specific circumstances. Until the mold running that normal, stable and safe.

Start up extruder, clamping device, manipulator and other operating equipment and make machine run with no load. Troubleshooting in time.

According to the technological conditions, the temperature of extrusion blow moulding machine head and each heating section is set and heated step by step, and the integrity of each heating section is tested with scrap material to check whether there is heating phenomenon or not.

The Blow Molding Process

A parison with a conventional downward extrusion is inserted into the mold cavity until reaching the required length.

The neck ending catches and holds while the bottom end pinches closed as the tube closes.

A blow-pin is interested into the neck end of the hot parison while compressed air inflates it to the shape of the mold cavity. Simultaneously, the process creates the threaded opening.

Once the mold sufficiently cools, it opens, ejecting the finished bottle along with excess plastic that was trimmed off from around the neck and bottom portions.

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