How to Improve in Rocket League

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One of the biggest revelations in gaming recently has been the massive rise of Rocket League, which has quickly gone on to become one of the most popular games on the market right now. It offers unbelievable replayability, with it being perfect for both casual and competitive players, with the game being easy to pick up but massively difficult to truly master.

Though you may not want to commit to the level of being on the eSports scene, you may still want to really up your Rocket League game to climb the ranks, or just smash your friends the next time you play. Here’s a quick look at 7 key tips that will massively help you out when playing Rocket League, helping you to become a much better player.

1.Customize your camera setting

One of the best advice to new players out there when starting out with Rocket League is to spend time learning the mechanics of the game in practice mode before playing in the arena. In the practice mode, you do not only learn the basics of the game, but you will also get familiar with setting up your camera.

Camera can be adjusted at different distances from your car, your field of view, and angles – all of which depends on the preference of the player. By optimizing the settings according to your own preference, you will have a better experience in the game, leading to better performance.

2. Play 1v1 until you perfect the mechanics

If it’s still unclear to you, the best way to rank in Rocket League is for you to master the mechanics of the game. You have to learn every skill that you still don’t have; from defence and reaction time, to dribbling, speed, and shot-making. The best way to accomplish this is to play 1s.

Many players have been chastised for being “ball chasers” or for having terrible game sense; however, the most likely reason for them not performing well is lack of training in solo mode, where you you absolutely need to control the ball and catch every opportunity.

3. Watch your replays

Many people seem to overlook the value of watching their own replays. By watching your own replays and seeing the things you did in the last game you played, you will be able to pinpoint the mistakes you committed more clearly. You can then start analyzing your gameplay and devise a new strategy in order to improve your performance in the future Rocket League tournament you enter.

4. Learn the art of “leaving the ball”

One great lesson to learn when playing Rocket League is the art of “leaving the ball.” It is instinctive to most players to crash the ball anytime it comes near them. But don’t let the instinct take over you! You have to assess who is in a better position to take the ball – because it’s not always you. Learning this skill can improve your gameplay ten-folds.

In most cases, you will realize that it’s actually your turn to drop back and start to defend. But even if it is not, it is still generally safer to do so than chase the ball.

The golden rule is: let the players who can do it better, do it. Just leave the ball.

5. Play with someone who is better than you

Players have different skill levels when they play the game. If you pair up with someone who is better in Rocket League than you, it can help you improve your own skills. It may be tough to seek help from better players, but you will be surprised how much new things better players can teach you about the game.

Find someone who is willing to help you play the game better and be open for criticisms from them.

6. Watch professional gameplay

Even if you find a mentor who can be hands-on with helping you hone your Rocket League skills, watching professional players play will help you improve in terms of strategy. Try watching different players in events like RLCS and analyze how they play the game. Look at the little things that these pro players are doing differently and try to apply it to your next match!

7. Conserve precious boost

One best strategy in almost all games is to conserve resources as much as possible. In Rocket League, the resource that you need to watch out for is Boost. While it can be regenerated quickly, there will come a time that you will find yourself in desperate need of it, but you have already ran empty.

Instead of using boost all the time, one good way to achieve the same top speed as you can with it, try to lunge forward by holding the joystick forward and double press the jump button. The only difference is that this method won’t be able to sustain the speed or maneuver as fast. You can try playing with slide to maintain the sonic speed.

Learning when to use boosts and the technique above will help you conserve your boosts and spare it for situations when you really need it.

So, with these tips in mind, you should be able to boost your rank in Rocket League. If you have trouble completing certain modes or challenges, you can come to for boosting services. If you wanna Buy Rocket League Items or Sell Rocket League Items , Keys and Crates to help you level up fast, it is highly recommended to Rocket League Trading from a reliable store. Have fun!


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