Get rid of these 3 false notions about toupees

Natural hair looks great on the people but many times due to various biological and other reasons these hair start depleting. In that case one need to go for the artificial hair to overcome the hair loss situation.

The people who have very small hair or no hair at all can find the artificial hair to be a great blessing for them. While the artificial hair is extensively used across tangle by many people there are a number of people who have various wrong notions about artificial hair. Here are a few common wrong notions or myths about artificial hair:


Synthetic pieces look very different


One of the most common myths about the hair systems for men is that it is quite easy to tell the difference between the real human hair and synthetic toupee. It is true that the cheap quality synthetic hair system can give a very different look as they are quite shiny. However, it is not the case with the high quality synthetics pieces that are carefully manufactured to perfectly resemble the real human hair in colour, texture, value, feel and look.


Wearing toupee results in heavy sweating


Another about the mens hair systems is that wearing them results will make your head sweet profusely. This myth doesn’t have any medical base, especially if you are using a high quality men’s hairpiece with premium and breathable base. The reality is that your head will sweat even if you have the natural hair. However, due to the natural air entering through your hair the sweat is absorbed quickly that prevents it fro accumulating. That’s why you don’t feel the sweat on your head.


Toupee tapes irritate your skin


The tapes referred to while talking about the mens hair systems are completely different from the sticky adhesives that irritate your skin. These tapes are toupee tapes that don’t give your skin an uncomfortable feeling. In fact you can expect to enjoy the same natural feeling even while wearing a mens hairpiece secured by a tape. What’s more you also have the luxury of choice here. For instance you can go for the elasticized straps that will make the wig sit firmly on your head without being glued to your scalp. Such straps help remain the piece snug to your head even while you are engaged in demanding physical activities.


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