Doing a better job on female versions and spending equal time

Doing a better job on female versions and spending equal time

Doing a better job on female versions and spending equal time. Thank you! If you were able to work on feminine cosmetics that aren't tight and over-sized, which are form fitting, but at precisely the exact same time are not showing a massive amount of RS gold cleavage and skin? And if you are thinking about working on game makeup for Treasure Hunter, may I suggest incorporating some outfits/cosmetics that utilize the custom colours we may have spent Runecoins to unlock? The last time an outfit was released to customize some areas of the outfit with our dyes was like 3-4 years ago.

I have played RuneScape for about a month now and I think I'm already done with it and also a huge part of that is due to the UI. The text is just too small in my screen and clicking items is just so slow for just how much you really use the UI. When I first began RuneScape I installed it wrong or something because of how little that the UI was how slow it happened. I was sort of looking forward to this flow because these are the men that work on the UI scaling however they did not really tell us anything which hasn't already been said. Keeping people in suspense about UI scaling and changes sounds weird and they should only update folks on it properly and if it's likely to take a very long time have an interim alternative or something.

This might be off topic or not in the right format however: I am so tired of this incredible poor ads option, pretty much all advertisements in general ( they arnt bring any new players at all!) Can jagex please invest any moment ( andoney) in advertisements? We need new players, desperately bad today. During this quarantine is the best time!

RuneScape is a beautiful game (especially once you compare it to osrs) and if we had even half realistic advertisements to what RuneScape resembles there's a good chance new players or individuals return to RuneScape could start playing again! New players help the participant base and jagex for a company. RuneScape use to be an extemerely populate match and it is empty and that I miss the days of worlds that are packed and complete clans and that I understand most gamers miss it! Please jagex invest an adequate sum of money in to game ads that are realist, it is going to make a difference.

The Beach is the occasion we have these days, and its absence last year was definitely noticed. Bring it back. You were close with Christmas'18 that seeing you fall back to bad habits last year was a disappointment. A nice slice of RS gold permanent content served up with a grinding occasion was the very best of both worlds. It surely helped that ViB had been an adorable bottle pursuit.

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