What is love and friendship?

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Love and friendship is a common talking issue among the young community. These are often regarded as two separate entities. But are they really that much different?

As we already know LOVE is defined as having kind of affection or liking to someone and isn't that what friendship is supposed to be? Atleast it should if one removes the adjective HUGE.

You don't befriend of someone random person without some liking, do you?. By the way, I don't consider befriending as what people do in online chat rooms ;). I meant BEFRIENDING. I really hope and believe you got my point what I have tried to say.

So only after this initial attraction or liking, you will get to know each other. And I suppose this is what happens in real LOVE. Till now both represent the same area in a Love-Friendship Venn diagram.

Say for example, now you got attracted by someone, you start talking. But it couldn't be alone to grow your relationship. No opposite gender will consider you as a good friend unless there is some level of trust, affection, security and mutual sharing & understanding. But isn't these expected in Love too? Yeah, now you can scratch your heads.:) :) :)

Zerin Chowdhury

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