A Hiring Guide for Graphic Design Services

You may have a wonderful product or service, but if the branding and selling content is "homemade," it is going to be difficult to make a profit.

You may have a wonderful product or service, but if the branding and selling content is "homemade," it is going to be difficult to make a profit. Your company's first impression is expressed by the visual influence of the brand material, including print ads, brochures, catalogues, packaging and website design.

Updating or developing new brand material may be an successful means of generating fresh anticipation for the business and its goods. If you already have a Adobe designer in Bahrain, it is natural to go back to him or her for new designs. But if you want to infuse creative ideas and a fresh feel, it is best to find new designers.

How should I pick a graphic designer?

Ask the corporate partners and colleagues for advice. Shortlist of four models for further review.

  • Search the portfolio: the first move in reviewing the graphics design company is to inquire for their portfolio and to review similar projects in the same type as the design project. The personality of the customize t-shirt design by Bahrain Designers is obvious from the portfolio. If you are recruiting a consulting company, focus on checking resumes of individual designers that might be working on the project.
  • Search for web design expertise: if the project involves web design, make sure that the graphic design services firm has professional engineers who are familiar with strong web design concepts. Do not be surprised by the snazzy web interfaces that use a lot of multimedia, powerful graphics and advanced functionality. These projects typically pose a lot of problems, sometimes crashes, and are frustratingly sluggish.
  • Consider the number of designs: a strong graphic artist should produce many sketches for you to study before finalizing the template and making the final product. What is going to happen if you do not like any of the concepts?
  • Graphic Designer can be a good listener: if you wish to have feedback during the design process, make sure the graphic designer is able to spend time listening to your suggestions. She has to strike a strong balance between calling for feedback from you and using her ingenuity and imagination to create Business Card Design by Bahrain Designers.
  • Check the credentials: it is important to review the qualifications before you recruit anyone for the job. In specific, inquire if the graphic designer is good at knowing the specifications, integrating input and making revisions.

Below are few ideas for working with a graphic artist.

As with any other project , it is important to define the scope of the project and the milestones with the expected deliverables. Also, decide on the number of revisions planned.

In what type and form are you going to get a graphic design? Clarify, if any, the file types, sizes and desired color scheme. It is usually a smart thing to take over the soft copies of the template. They are going to be useful if you want to make small changes later or reuse the template. Often, to prevent any potential dispute, take control of all content created for you by copyright.

Communicate regularly to the graphic designer to receive constant input. If the project does not continue as planned, discuss and fix problems without delay.

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