I nearly lost my iron that was full into the wizards near varrock

I nearly lost my iron that was full into the wizards near varrock

Well like literally everything else Jagex does that will make money to them, they will take it 15 steps too far, as they proven in the past. The frequency of DXP weekends has been increasing, so maybe we should say something ahead of QUAD XP, and its DXP every other weekend if you buy a QUAD booster!They have at no point done any of this. In meseta pso2 reality, they have done the opposite. In what universe has RuneScape gotten p2w? The promos have only gotten more and more op, and more and more prevalent. There are days without promos then there are with promos. Idk what sport you are playing that you think they've done anything to really make RuneScape significantly less P2W, or to"reward players that do not pay for their stats".What was your strangest but finest memory of when you first started playing RuneScape?

I nearly lost my iron that was full into the wizards near varrock. Since I spent a long time battling goblins to earn the money for iron that was full, I moved back to Lumbridge. I was fearful of losing any of my items to an enemy more powerful than me, so I did not leave Lumbridge until I got foundation 45 melee stats. All from rats supporting Lumbridge castle and goblins, with an iron scimmy and iron. I saw a platebody in the general store and thought that was the nuts, so I moved to kill goblins for 1k gp to buy it. Then I died to goblins, and thought losing the starter setup was huge so I only made a completely new account. This happened 2 more times shortly in precisely the exact same afternoon as I died to an aggresive giant rat and a damn tree in draynor manor. Never got that platebody.

First time playing after my friends helped me make the acc. Walk around in lumbridge. Had no idea although in what I later found out to become draynor manor anywhere was ended up. Unexpectedly roots and trees start attacking me. I start panicking searching to find the way out of the god forsaken place I see the exit, but my hp is at 1. Boom gets smacked on the 1 in the exit like 10 squares. Spent another 10 minutes attempting to buy"games" since I dropped my tinderbox and didnt understand what it was predicted. Earlier that week I had seen a movie of the swan song quest and I thought it had been the sea troll tentacles attack me from the ground in draynor manor for some reason because theyre both green.

I recall the very first time I played, my older brother had revealed me RuneScape and after I was finished with the session, I asked him where I moved to conserve lol. An internet game and I had never played before and 17 decades later I'm still here. In addition, I have fond memories of making level 3-25 and friends from college combat f2p pures. We never made any money and needed an endless cycle of chopping magic trees and fishing on our members account to fund these f2p accounts. Been playing because rsc. Maybe a month later rs2 released, purchased my first rune 2h, price about 100k back in the day. Logged in late, im such as 12, presumed to be in bed. Pking in varrock world 1, lvl 3. Didn't protect prayer. Died. Cried. Logged off.

As a noob back in 06/07 when I started I recall not knowing what amour was of iron and steel, so I needed a mismatch of everything. I went to an adventure and bought a newcomer map. After awhile I was north of draynor village and was completly lost. I dident know ways to get back, so I made a new account and all my advancement of some melee stats from the 20's has been missing. Great memory! Got my very first full mithril and believed I was cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta strong enough to go north. Packed some salmons, my atmosphere team, my mithril longsword, some runes and my 2k money pile. That's how I learned that the north = pvp zone. I could hardly know a few words of english back so I frankly had no idea of what was up there. I got wind blasted to death.

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