When you get to a Dodo Airlines flight

When you get to a Dodo Airlines flight

When you get to a Dodo Airlines flight, are Animal Crossing Bells inter-dimensionally traveling? Is each island another timeline? Every time Tom Nook appoints a island agent, is he actually developing a new alternative reality? Is Animal Crossing really sci-fi in disguise? Now assume for a moment we have debunked the reality theory. What are the alternatives? The only ones we can think of require us to venture into conspiracy theory territory and cloning.

Hear us out: Tom Nook is not real. He's really a clone and Nook Inc. is a lot more menacing than you can imagine. The entire company is a evil conglomerate who's sending out clones to set colonies all around the universe.Nook Inc. is the linchpin for the whole operation and Tom Nook is only a figurehead. You're on an island and you will need to survive. In order to get this done, you are currently in debt to his corporation and Nook. Everything in your life is connected to him. Pay Nook. Want to buy things? Sell your materialsgoods, and scavenged things to Nook's Nephews. The currency of nook Inc is central. Message a Buddy? Reliant on Nook technology. Even other stores are likely to be paying him a cut of the profits for being on your island.

Nook Inc. is embedded in every single facet of island life. You spend your life collecting materials, which you swap for miles or bells. This money is then reinvested into Nook Inc.'s island jobs as you flip it back to pay for building furniture, clothes, and other essentials. Nothing you do is out of Nook Inc.. Nook isn't the only one inclined to become a clone either. This concept necessitates the Able Sisters Blathers, Tommy, Timmy, and Isabelle to be cloned. Our gut instinct also suspects frequent visitors such as Daisy Mae, Gulliver, Celeste, Label, Saharah, Kicks, Flick, and C.J. as well as more recent additions Redd and Leif will also be clones.

Battlestar Gallactica fans can think of these. They act like people, look like people, and can be wholly oblivious they are in fact cloned robots. This would create Nook Inc. a creator of Cylon technology, but somehow we're completely comfortable with Animal Crossing Items For Sale that idea. After all, a lot people have long suspected the company was not the corporation they wanted you to believe.


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