Why Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts Is Loose

How to prevent loosening of Hexagon Flange Bolt?

How to prevent loosening of Hexagon Flange Bolt?

(1) Friction prevention

①Spring washer anti-loosening

Spring washer material is spring steel. After assembly, the washer is flattened, and its rebound force can maintain the pressing force and friction force between the threads, so as to achieve anti-loosening.

②Prevent loosening of top nut

Using the action of the nut against the top, the Hexagon Flange Bolt is subjected to additional tension and additional friction. Because one more nut is used, and the work is not very reliable, it has been used less and less.

③Self-locking nut anti-loosening

One end of the nut is made into a non-circular closing or radial closing after slitting. When the nut is tightened, the closing part expands, and the elasticity of the closing part is used to make the screw threads tight. This anti-loosening structure is simple and reliable, and can be disassembled and assembled many times without reducing the anti-loosening performance.

④Elastic ring nut anti-loosening

Insert fiber or nylon into the thread to increase friction. The elastic ring also serves to prevent liquid leakage.

2) Mechanical anti-loosening

①Slotted nuts and cotter pins prevent loosening

After tightening the slotted nut, use a cotter pin to pass through the small hole in the tail of the Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts and the slot of the nut. You can also use a common nut to tighten the drill pin hole.

②Round nut and stop washer

Insert the inner tongue of the washer into the groove of Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts (shaft). After tightening the nut, fold one of the outer tongue of the washer into a groove of the nut.

③stop washer

After the nut is tightened, bend the single-ear or double-ear stop washers to the side of the nut and the connected piece, and tightly close them to prevent loosening. If two Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts need to be double-locked, a double-lock stopper can be used.

④ Series steel wire anti-loosening

Push the low carbon steel wire into the hole of the head of each screw, and connect the screws in series to make them brake each other. This structure needs to pay attention to the direction of wire penetration.

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