One that won't ever be implemented since Ash accomplishes it

One that won't ever be implemented since Ash accomplishes it

RS3 is not the same game, just as it's not your game does not mean it's a game that is worse. From my experience, the vast majority of us couldn't care less about OSRS, it is another game, it's not our game so we don't have any reason to RS gold discuss it. Neither are poor, they are just different versions of the identical genre.

What we do despise is the OSRS players (who I also hope are not most ) who feel the need to inform us that our game stinks, coming to tell us we're dumb for playing"ezscape". We perform RS3 for different reasons when you play OSRS, don't assume we're trying to play your game but made easier or prettier, that's simply not it. I streamed RS3 for a while, and I only had 8 or 9 audiences the majority of the time. Yet somehow, multiple times weekly, I would have someone hop in conversation and rant and rave about how awful RuneScape is and how I should not be enjoying it. It almost feels like the OSRS community cares more about placing the RS3 community compared to simply choosing to encourage other members of their community.

I personally couldn't play OSRS, but I know a good number of individuals who played solely RS3 for decades, and have since begun playing OSRS account as well. There are some people who enjoy both, I do not think it's a sizable percentage, but it is definitely not an insignificant quantity. I enjoy watching OSRS content, not stream level, but YouTube clips of streams or advancement updates on obstacle accounts. I truly enjoy watching people enjoy their game, but it is not a game that I enjoy myself. Onto the differences in matches that matter to me.

I've played RS off and on since 2006/2007, I enjoyed the OS content as it was new, and eoc frightened me away like the majority of the community. RS3 has a massive number of quests, and most have rewards that help you in some way or another even after you're done. In addition to this, they can offer good filler space to if skilling gets dull, and buy osrs gold paypal you need a break or a different means to earn exp.


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